About Us

Solving trucking problems using cutting-edge tech and practical experience.

Our Vision

To transcend traditional logistics business boundaries through technology and create the best economic opportunity for truckers, shippers, and all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To unite truckers and shippers through a cutting-edge, digital platform by solving complex business problems truckers face such as asset utilization and working capital challenges. We empower shippers with the most advanced, seamless, and transparent solutions to help them succeed in an evolving data-driven economy.

Our Story

Founded by a Logistics Expert with first-hand experience and a Data Science Product Professional highly proficient in AI and Machine Learning, RapidLoops was created to address the complex challenges involved in logistics, and is dedicated to finding solutions that benefit both shippers and truckers. We are motivated to reduce empty miles between shipments by smartly matching reloads.

RapidLoops was named after the Particle Accelerator that helped to identify the God particle. The God particle can solve many fundamental problems in Physics. Similarly, RapidLoops technology is curated to accelerate business processes and solve the fundamental problems in the Logistics Industry. Through this platform, we aspire to do our bit in making our planet a better place.

Our Values

We are not only a company that is tech-savvy, but also one that understands the significance of reliability, sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and most importantly we wish to improve the lives of each and every trucker that partners with us. RapidLoops provides truckers with on-time and upfront payments. By doing so, we achieve higher efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. The platform allows interactions to happen in a purposeful and directed way, to efficiently address even the most complex challenges of the industry. Truckers can choose which shipments they wish to undertake without the hassle of making endless phone calls.

Previously, it was very difficult to use a truck to its full potential due to lack of proper technology implementation. Issues such as unavailability of working capital, poor mileage tracking, late payments, legal issues, incompetent drivers, too many empty miles, and no transparent pricing led to both shippers and truckers facing losses. We were not satisfied with this scenario and wished to raise the bar by revolutionizing this system through RapidLoops. We don’t want to be just another shipping company, we want to be a company that makes the lives of our customers and truckers better, while keeping our Earth greener.

Other Digital Platforms

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