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A powerful, fully digital control room to manage all your freights.

RapidShip for Shippers

Complete control for shippers

Having a hard time finding reliable truckers? Or finding it less productive to spend time on shipping activities? Either way, RapidShip can help.

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Let us put you in command

A well-thought-through array of features to aid you in all aspects of Trucking.
Faster and Cheaper

Get the best pricing available in the market with Real-Time Pricing. Get reliability, network planning, and flexibility. Automated load-matching provides decreased cost, faster delivery, and reduced carbon emissions making for responsible shipping.

Real-Time Tracking

Know the status of your shipments every step of the way at the tap of a button, through real-time tracking facilities available 24/7. Each truck is equipped with the latest GPS device that keeps you informed of the Estimated Time of Arrival.

Actionable Insights

Today’s economy is extremity data driven. We will provide you extremely useful critical insights on the shipments irrespective of any truckers engaged through our platform. This will help in optimisation and consolidation of transportation structures.

Uninterrupted Supply of Trucks

Get access to uninterrupted supply of trucks as we aggregate trucks regularly through our strong and trustworthy network. You can manage all your shipment needs just through us.

Simplified Freight

Take advantage of extremely simplified freight. You will be dealing with technically-sophisticated freight handlers who will give you a full-fledged control room for all the shipments you want us to handle.

Transportation Cost Optimisation

Profit from transport cost efficiencies by optimising the route, mapping the loads network, and increasing the trucker efficiency and utilisation.

Seamless Workflow

Make use of our customer-centric platform that is designed to focus on seamless execution and delivery. We have set the bar high for ourselves and for the industry to provide great experience for our customers.

Verified Truckers

Rest assured, all the transporters you get go through proper empanelment and we guarantee that their business and papers are carefully vetted by us before they can provide service through us.

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24/7/365 Support

In the unlikely situation that you need to contact us for support, we are available to serve you any minute, any day.

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