Truckers pay Rs 47,852 crores a year in bribes

March 2, 2020
Rajesh Krishnan

According to a recent survey conducted by Save Life Foundation, an NGO, truckers pay a whopping Rs 47,852 crores on annual basis as bribe to different departments and authorities. The highlight is, nearly 41% of respondents pay bribe to traffic/ highway police for no reason or violation and the trucks will not be allowed to pass the check points if they fail to pay the bribe.

Fleet-owners engage with RTOs, inspectors, licensing officials of various departments for many reasons like vehicle registration, periodic renewal of permits and fitness certificates, payment of road tax and crossing checkpoints. They pay bribe to such officials at one or another stage of trucking operation due to various reasons that include fear, violation, over-coming structural hurdles, avoiding business losses. Though it is very common in road transportation sector, the scale of corruption and its impact on trucking business poses a threat to sustained economic growth.